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Connect with your clients

By Flagship Digital / Aug 5, 2017
Millenial client

Clarity in your brand message enables you to not only communicate successfully but to connect more significantly with your clients, companies and employees. To effectively communicate with your clients, you need to understand who they are and how they prefer to consume brand information. Our biggest challenge in recent years has been to better understand

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6 Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies That Actually Work

By Flagship Digital / Aug 1, 2017
lead generation rev counter

Figuring out real estate lead generation may seem like its own unique beast. However, at its core, there’s not much difference between that and other types of leads. Similar tactics may work, although you’ll have to adapt them to fit your personal market. That’s the great thing about lead generation: you’re working to an obvious

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Are You Mining Your Data?

By Flagship Digital / Jul 31, 2017
data mining

The dynamic digital arena has made valuable data more accessible for companies and easier to analyze than ever. Companies are using the staggering amounts of information to understand their customers and their motivations. This allows them to not only gear their product and service offering specifically towards their market, but also increase their business and

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7 Awesome Landing Page Video Tips to Increase Your Leads

By Flagship Digital / Jul 27, 2017
landing page

If you aren’t using video landing pages as part of your online marketing strategy, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to convert casual internet users into paying customers. Landing pages are successful because they engage a specific audience in a way that your general web page can’t. They are also more likely to

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